Cycling heaven – Fyn and all its islands Fyn and the numerous small islands that surround it make up a paradise for cyclists. The numerous cycle paths and narrow winding roads will lead you safely through the magnificent, idyllic and varied countryside.

At your own pace, you can pass through the woodlands of Mid-Fyn, across the hilly landscape of South Fyn and on out towards the sea, which is never far away. No matter where you may be on Fyn, you will always encounter wonderful landscapes and truly breath-taking views.

So irrespective of whether you prefer small villages with timber-framed houses, village ponds, culinary treats at exquisite restaurants or barbecued food at a campsite … you can be sure to find what you are looking for on Fyn.

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Close to the countryside

Fyn is a remarkably charming island, and the region has some of the most beautiful and contrasting stretches of landscape in Denmark. For example, you can ride through the flat yet fertile landscape of North Fyn or the idyllic hills in the south of the island. In spring and summer, your senses will be bombarded by the finest colours and scents of the countryside. Briefly put, the nature and culture on Fyn are so varied and comprehensive that you can always be sure of finding something different and surprising around the next bend in the road.

The cultural landscape itself could have been taken unchanged from one of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales. No matter what cycling route you choose, you are sure to come across idyllic villages and small towns dotted with well-preserved, timber-framed houses with thatched roofs. More than 100 castles and manor houses are scattered throughout the landscape, bearing witness to the prosperity of ages past. The terrain is gently hilly, alternating between cultivated fields and green beech woods interrupted by fresh streams and large and small lakes, and home to all kinds of birds.
Another distinguishing feature of Fyn is the proliferation of hedgerows, many of which include sweet-scented lilac that hangs our over the road and creates a wonderful display of colours in combination with the yellow fields of rape and corn and the numerous fruit trees that line the roads.

Fyn has around 1,130 km of coastline and is surrounded by more than 90 other islands. Therefore, there is always something to see and do here. With their fine mesh of almost 1,200 km of cycle routes, Fyn and the islands make up one of the very best cycling regions
in Denmark - the perfect place for a varied cycling holiday packed with wonderful experi-ences.

You will soon pick up the rhythm of nature itself as you cycle along asphalted roads that carry very little motorised traffic. The landscape is gently hilly and extremely varied. It is only rarely that you will come across a stretch of straight, flat road. However, even though the landscape varies a great deal, you will never encounter insurmountable climbs – the highest point on Fyn is Frøbjerg Bavnehøj, which is just 131 metres high. Similarly, the towns and cities are reasonably close to each other, so both children and adults can easily manage the distances involved.

Holidays at several levels

Fyn is perfect for cycling holidays to match any mood – and any budget. Here you will find everything from luxury accommodation to the most basic campsites. Whatever form of accommodation you choose, you can be sure of excellent service, good facilities and high quality.
Charming inns open their doors and welcome you inside, and there are many castles, manor houses and hotels that provide unique combinations of active holidays and truly remarkable culinary treats. A number of these places are also home to some of the finest examples of Danish furniture art.

If you and your family are looking for a peaceful atmosphere, relaxing surroundings and delightful countryside, then a holiday house, campsite or youth hostel may be the solution for you. The various accommodation options on Fyn are relatively close to one another, and they are so numerous and varied that you can be sure of finding just what you are looking for.

If you would like to try different types of accommodation during your cycling holiday on Fyn, go right ahead. On Fyn, many campsites, youth and family hostels, inns and hotels have joined forces to provide a luggage transport service. It is much easier to cycle without luggage, and you can also choose to park your bike and head off to explore the countryside on foot.

Lots of experiences

Fyn is packed with things to see and do for all the family. For example, there is a wealth of museums centred on art, famous people from the history of Fyn, sailing, art history and archaeology. Learning is a central element here, and the attractions and museums are designed to encourage you to find out more.

The towns of Fyn can easily be described as attractions in themselves. They all have their distinguishing features. Ærøskøbing, for example, is the most intact mediaeval village in Denmark, and Nyborg has a waterway system that makes it Fyn's answer to Venice. Many of the towns are right next to the water, so it is a joy to cycle to and from them and to go exploring in their winding streets and alleys.

During the summer, a number of towns on Fyn organise guided tours, and those on the coast arrange sailing trips to some of the small islands, where the atmosphere radiates nostalgia and charm. Of the 90 large and small islands around Fyn, around 25 are inhabited. Here, you have plenty of opportunities to sample the special island lifestyle, where life is less hectic but enjoyed to the full.

The sailing trips themselves also constitute a delightful interlude, as the routes between the islands are plied not only by actual ferries, but also tour boats and authentic wooden sailing ships. Take a trip on one of these and add a special memory to your holiday.