Mid Jutland

Mid Jutland stretches from the west coast and the blue waters of Limfjorden over the Jutland heaths and moors to Søhøjlandet and the mild Eastern Coast with its many fjords.

When cycling in Mid Jutland you will encounter breathtaking scenery which takes on different forms and leaves different impressions, all according to the time and settings.

By using the marked cycle routes you are led away from heavy traffic. Instead, the trip takes you past some of the many sights which make an active holiday in Mid Jutland so jam-packed with adventure.

Come close to nature

The cycle routes in Mid Jutland are interconnected like a finely meshed spider's web, which makes it easy to plan your own unique trip. In Limfjorden's beautiful bays, blues and greens blend to create a truly beautiful and relaxing sight. Jutland has so many beauty spots on offer; it has fjords and lakes encircled by forests, giving you ample opportunity to take a refreshing dip after a day-long peddle.

But Jutland is so much more than just water.

To the west, you experience the flat and harsh landscape, shaped by the North Sea and west wind. Further inland the heathlands create a pleasant varied landscape. The pleasures of nature are all free. The beech trees blossom in the spring, bees drone in the summer sun, and the heather flowers in late summer. These are some of nature's miracles that are so fantastic to experience from the saddle of your bicycle, as you be-come one with the wind and the elements, the smells and colours.

Each region has its own story

Throughout history, natural diversity and what it brings have been instrumental in shaping the atmosphere and mindset of each district. Jutlandish people are hospitable and accommodating, so there is every opportunity of picking up a smattering of the different dialects, hearing about each district's way of life and perhaps tasting the regional food, which also has its very own history.

Good stories from Mid Jutland are worth listening to. They provide a fine and colourful insight into the area you have chosen to
explore. These stories can be found every-where, and in many different forms. At Ringkøbing Fjord, the so-called "økomuseer", or eco museums, present the region's cultural history – in natural surroundings – with focus on events past and present that have resulted from the interaction between man and nature.
If you choose National Route 3 from Viborg to the German border - also called hærvejs-ruten (the military road route) - you can sense the history of Jutland's Stone Age settlements, Prehistoric burial mounds, Viking Age rune stones, and Middle Age churches.

City life with lots of inspiration

After enjoying nature and culture, no doubt you may wish to steer your bicycle towards the vitality, the life and buzz of the city.

Jutland's main city is Aarhus and it welcomes you with shopping opportunities, a trendy and charming café life in the old Latin Quarter and the chance to admire world-class art – all within walking distance. So forget your bicycle for a couple of days and seek inspiration in Aarhus's new and impressive art museum, ARoS, enjoy refreshments on the steps along Åboulevarden or encounter the past in Den Gamle By, a preserved reconstruction of the town of days gone by.

Aarhus is not the only place where you will find commercial life and culture flourishing. Very often cycle routes begin or end in one of the many exciting Jutlandish towns and market towns where you can stroll around the centre and soak up the atmosphere. Viborg is a good example, where the old part of town with its cobbled streets from the 16th century and charming pedestrian streets gives the city its own very special atmosphere. With its unique position on Gudenåen (river), Silkeborg's townscape includes a fantastic waterfront that draws the public to it.

Holstebro has a very lively cultural life, with the ballet at its centre. Horsens has become a magnet for well-known musicians who often give exclusive concerts here. Herning
is deeply associated with textiles and design, but has also an exciting arts centre at Birk Centerpark.

Likewise the enterprising trekanstområde (triangular area) with Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding is worth a visit. These towns are interconnected by scenic cycle routes so you can reasonably expect to reach each of them on an average one day trip: Vejle with its impressive music theatre, Frederica with its ruler-straight streets, moats and not least the view onto the Lillebælt (Little Belt) bridge and Kolding with Koldinghus, Jutland's oldest castle.

You will find that towns both large and small have clearly signposted cycle routes, making it easy to find your way around. This guide also contains city maps of the larger Mid Jutland towns.

Are you bringing the children?

Or have you perhaps decided to find the child within yourself? Whatever you decide, Mid Jutland offers many opportunities for playing and exploring.

For instance, you could head for Jutland's tip, Djursland, where many exciting and child-friendly attractions await in close proximity. You can also take a look at the world's largest wooden ship, "Fregatten Jylland", anchored at Ebeltoft.

If you think experiencing a change in climate might be fun, say perhaps with some humidity and warmth, you should head for Randers and experience a genuine tropical rain forest. From quite a distance you can pick out the three gigantic glass domes containing tropical animals and plants from Asia, South America and Africa.

Or, you could, choose National Route 12 along Limfjorden and spice up the journey with a visit to Thisted, which offers seal safaris to Livø and pirate trips from the harbour.

Mid Jutland offers many exciting adventures for families with children. At the same time, the distance between towns, beauty spots, attractions and sights are manageable, making the cycling journey fun for all ages.

There is a very varied range of overnight accommodation spread throughout the area, no matter whether you prefer camping in the middle of nowhere for free, cosy inns or luxurious gourmet stop-overs.

Many places providing overnight accommodation offer transportation of luggage, which means that you are free to put your cycle aside and go and explore the back of beyond.

In Mid Jutland you will find remote wildness, fresh air and a deep blue sky – the perfect setting for your cycling adventures.

So feel welcome and explore.