North Jutland

Beautiful and beguiling light. Undulating hills and broad vistas. Long and broad soft sandy beaches. Church towers and spires reaching into the big blue sky.

North Jutland has it all and more. Unspoiled northern countryside, ideal and idyllic as youcycle through the region. Distances are short,the landscape varied and beautiful – and there are no mountains! You have many kilometres of signposted cycle routes to choose from, and the towns and cities also have many well-planned cycle routes where the children in the family can cycle too.

Here you can holiday with a capital “H” when you feel the asphalt under your tyres. A holiday in North Jutland means time to relax, time to be together and time to experience new things. Time to live – and to forget why you needed a holiday in the first place!

North Jutland is a land of impressions and experiences. From untouched nature, forests in the dunes and game reserves to fun and activities for the whole family. From Skagen and lunch restaurants at the northerntip to the beautiful Ice Age landscapes to the south. From the wild and breathtaking North Sea to the west to the beautiful and family friendly beaches to the east, and the sedate Limfjord that cuts through the whole country with charming harbour towns, nature full of history, and a view over land, water and bridges. North Jutland has it all.

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Food and gastronomy 

North Jutland has a fine selection of gastronomy. Its bitters, Læsø Salt, and fish and lobster are well-known delicacies, while at the roadside you pass innumerable booths and farm shops, where the fresh fruit and vegetables of the day can be purchased at reasonable prices. Microbreweries are appearing in many new places; while larger breweries producing special beers provide a taste sensation.

By bicycle into Mother Nature

Everyone can cycle in Denmark, especially in North Jutland. You won’t face anything else but gentle rises and flat or slightly undulating stretches. It is safe and pleasant to ride along the Danish cycle routes. They follow minor roads with little traffic, undisturbed woodland tracks, specially laid-out cycle tracks, cycle paths and discontinued rail tracks. The Danish cycle route network is comprised of a web of national cycle routes. These run north to south or east to west and link the various regions of Denmark, as well as most major towns and cities.

You can plan it yourself or you can go on a pre-planned holiday, where everything is organised for you in advance.

North Jutland art and culture  – castles and manor houses

Art and culture are well represented in North Jutland. Both in the large city museums and smaller galleries, as well as in the boutiques and workshops of the region’s artists and craftsmen.

The many fairy-tale castles and manor houses contain both art and culture. You can study works by famous artists such as Raphael, Goya and El Greco at Voergård Slot, and maybe you will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Ingeborg Skeel, the ghost of the castle. From Budolfi Kirke, the cathedral of Aalborg, the bells can be heard every hour, and the many village churches are also worth a visit.

The monastery of Vitskøl Kloster south of Løgstør contains impressive church ruins, while near Løkken stands the white Børglum Kloster, built by monks and later turned into a bishop’s palace.

The Vikings have also left their mark in North Jutland. On the Limfjord near Aggersund lie the remains of the biggest Viking fortress in Denmark. And don’t forget the Viking fortress of Fyrkat near Hobro, and the biggest Viking burial site in Scandinavia at Lindholm Høje near Aalborg.

The beautiful landscape

North Jutland is well-known for its fantastic and richly-varied nature and for more sunshine hours than the rest of the country, so it is probably no coincidence that hundreds of thousands of Danes, Norwegians, Swedes and Germans spend their holidays every year in North Jutland. The variety of the North Jutland landscape is overwhelming, especially the longest beach and the largest dunes in Denmark from Bulbjerg to Skagen, as well as the biggest forest in Denmark, Rold Skov.

The region’s North Sea coastline, with its long white beaches and powerful waves and breakers, both fascinates and frightens. A contrast to this is the gentle east coast, so peaceful and varied.

With regard to bird life, North Jutland can boast the only bird rock in Denmark – Bulbjerg. The region also has a bird reserve at Vejlerne, a reclaimed area that was originally below sea level. The reserve covers about 6,000 hectares, and has the biggest reed forest in Denmark and some of the largest beach meadows in the country.

Fun on holiday with friends and family

Holidays are about doing something you don’t usually do. Experiencing something new. Together. Holidays are about letting go of the busy everyday routines. Stroll down to the harbour and watch the boats and fishermen, or catch a crab from the pier. Go down to the beach and fly a kite or splash water in the faces of your parents. Holidays are about having time for the family and being together in a different way from when at home. Holidays are about deciding to go to

Fårup Sommerland, to the Salt Centre, to the Zoo or to the North Sea Museum. North Jutland has a lot to offer in the way of fun and entertaining attractions.

At the local tourist office you can find out what is happening locally; you can also visit Then go out and experience the people, the food and the many opportunities.