Packing list

Before packing for your cycling holiday, it is important to decide whether you plan to improvise en route, sleep at an inn or take a tent with you, for example.

When planning a cycling holiday, there is a lot to think about. Or is there?

Some people prefer simply to head off into the blue with a couple of changes of clothes and a credit card. With this “equipment”, you can always sleep at a hotel or grab a taxi if your cycle breaks down. Others need to know that they have packed for every possible situation, including sleeping under canvas, cooking over a camping stove and repairing punctures and other minor mishaps. No matter whether you prefer to plan every detail or to “make it up as you go along”, check the packing list here – you may find something here that you almost forgot.

Children on cycles

If you have children who cannot cycle themselves, you will need a cycle seat or a trailer for them. A trailer is far and away the best choice, as it provides your children with more protection and plenty of space to play with toys or take a nap when they get tired. Trailers generally have room for luggage as well. In addition, grown-ups can take turns in pulling the trailer or let the strongest rider take the strain, which makes it easier to set a pace that everyone can manage.


If you have a lot of luggage or are riding a racing bike, it is a good idea to pack your luggage in a trailer rather than in panniers. A standard plastic or wooden box trailer is ideal for trips made up of relatively short daily stages, but if you are planning to cover some serious distances, it would be best to invest in a proper touring trailer. There is plenty of room in a trailer, but take care not to pack too much. You may soon tire of dragging a heavy trailer after you. And remember to pack extra inner tubes for the trailer tyres.

Enjoy your trip!


Tools and spare parts for your cycle:
  • Puncture repair kit and tyre removers
  • Cycle pump
  • Spare inner tube
  • Tools for screws, bolts, gears and brakes
  • A couple of extra nuts/bolts for your pannier racks, saddle, etc.
  • Lubricant + a cloth
  • Plastic gloves (thin, disposable)
  • Extra brake cable
  • Extra gear cable
  • Spare spokes and spoke key (if you know how to replace spokes)
Cycling clothes:
  • Cycling gloves
  • Cycling shorts
  • Sweat absorbent underclothes
  • Windproof overclothes
  • Waterproofs
  • Overshoes that keep the rain out
  • Stiff-soled cycling shoes
  • Helmet
  • National map showing cycle routes
  • Route descriptions, tourist brochures, etc.
  • List of accommodation sites
  • Youth hostel pass
  • Camping pass
Misc. equipment:
  • Cycle lights 
  • Water bottles
  • Cycle computer
  • Thin cushion
  • Lightweight tarpaulin
  • Small luggage lock
  • Plastic bags for storage
  • Sun cream/sun block