Hærvejen • National Cycle Route 3 / EV3

Nationale Cykelruter

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  • Hard
  • Child friendly
  • Suitable for racing-bikes
  • Hilly
412.41 km

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From Skagen you pass over the Jutland Ridge and around the Rebild Hills to Viborg, from where the route follows the historical part of Hærvejsruten to Padborg.

Through more than a thousand years travelers have used the changing roads on the Jutland Ridge, where you could come forward without having to cross rivers. These roads are known collectively as the Ancient Road (Main Road).
With the bicycle as a time machine you will experience history with ancient burial mounds, Viking rune stones and medieval churches. At the same time, there is a diversified natural experience between the fertile eastern moraine hills and the flat Western Jutland heath.

The route shown in Cyclistic is approximating the actual route. The route is signposted so follow the signs.